The Fijian archipelago actually contains some 300 separate islands, many of which are little more than tiny uninhabited rocks, jutting out of the ocean. Most visitors come to the largest island, Viti Levu, which contains the towns and resorts of Suva (the capital) and the resort town of Nadi. Also on Suva you’ll find the most established attractions, from Botanic Gardens to nightclubs. Only 100km in width, the whole island is available for exploration to anyone staying here.

Fiji is one of the world’s best snorkelling and dive sites, with coral reefs close-by literally teeming with life. The tiny colourful tropical fish that flicker in and out of the reefs form a contrast with the larger creatures who reside in the surrounding ocean: sharks, turtles and huge moray eels can all be seen in these waters.

There are plenty of scenic spots that cater to everyone, even those who just happen to chance along. Everywhere you go you’ll find fabulous beaches, clear blue water, and best of all the Fijian people. The Fijians will soon drum into you, rushing around is not part of the island experience. There might be plenty to explore, but there’s plenty of time in the world as well. Spending it here certainly isn’t wasting it.

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