Rising from the ashes of World War Two, Germany has transformed itself into an economic powerhouse and European super-state. It is a country that attracts stereotypes, from lederhosen-clad beer drinkers, to a national reputation for efficiency and rigour. Of course these generalisations are not entirely representative of the German people or the landscape they inhabit, both of which hold many surprises, and each region has its own idiosyncrasies to offer.

Visitors to Germany have a wonderful range of options. There is the rich and intriguing history of the royal cities of Heidelberg and Potsdam; the rousing beauty of the Black Forest and the Bavarian Alps; the cosmopolitan centres of Munich, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and Cologne; and the visceral impact of the Berlin Wall and the villa at Wannsee.

The cities boast international cuisine and cutting edge entertainment, from the finest opera to world-class DJs; and yes, it’s true, there is no speed limit on the autobahn! And while German food seldom inspires rapture, it is hearty and nourishing and complemented by excellent beers and regional wines.

Germany remains a destination for everyone, seamlessly blending its rich cultural and historical heritage with an exciting vision of the future.

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