Greece’s stunning beaches, shimmering blue seas and long hot summers attract millions of holidaymakers each year, but there’s more to this fascinating country than lying by the Mediterranean.

It was the home of Europe’s first great civilisation and the archaeological ruins that remain throughout the country are of as much historical importance as the great Pyramids of Egypt or the remains of the Aztecs in South America. Everywhere you go you’ll find the exuberant Greek culture’s infectious charm.

However the capital city Athens is undoubtedly the place to go. The old town is littered with ruins from the days of the Greek empire. Its main attraction is the Acropolis, a hill fortress and the site of some of the world’s most famous ancient monuments including the Parthenon, Erechtheion Shrine, the amazing Propylaia and the temple to Athena.

The countryside interior of the mainland and the islands has pine-filled valleys and rugged hills dotted with whitewashed villages, a picturesque rural pastiche unchanged for centuries. Add to this the opportunities for exploring the archipelago that extends far into the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas and it is easy to see why Greece makes such a fantastic and unique holiday destination.

The only problem is which island to choose. Mykonos and Santorini islands are steeped in natural beauty but each has its own attractions and personality. Some will appeal to partygoers and couples and yet others to amateur archaeologists looking to discover their own part of Ancient Greece.

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