From the coast’s beaches and cliffs, to the arid desert of the plateau, the high peaks of the Andes and finally the steamy rainforest of the Amazon basin – there is a little bit of everything in Peru. Against this fabulous backdrop Peru can boast some of the most colourful wildlife and one of the most enigmatic histories found anywhere in the world.

The Andes are the land of the condor, while the Amazonian forest contains the myriad creatures that make up that incredible eco-system, including pink dolphins, spider monkeys and the tropical caiman. Everywhere we can find evidence of the ancient tribes and civilisations that grew, lived and died here.

Most famous among these is, of course, the Incas. This amazingly sophisticated civilisation came to prominence in the 15th century and in just one hundred short years had established a culture that spanned the whole costa and even encroached on the most inaccessible peaks of the Andes. The most famous symbol of this age is of course, Machu Picchu, the lost city of the Incas, located high in the Andes.

Although colonial rule didn’t suit the Peruvian people, for obvious reasons, Peru and its cities were once the pride of the Spanish Empire, and this is borne out in the pristine colonial architecture you find in Lima, Trujillo and most noticeably Arequipa.

For the visitor Peru is just about perfect; history, culture and natural beauty in equal measure.

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