The country is rightly proud of its efficiency, cleanliness and highly developed infrastructure. The luxury shopping centres and world-class restaurants that grace Singapore City’s modern business district could take their place in any large Western conurbation. But there is also ample evidence of Singapore’s rich cultural heritage in the fascinating districts of Little India, Arab Street and Chinatown.

Dynamic Singapore is an island, a city and a country all at the same time. Its blend of Asian cultures and Western attitudes has made it the most stable economy in the region and the logical gateway to Southeast Asia.

Other distractions include ever-popular Sentosa Island, the tranquillity of the Chinese Gardens, the bonsai-sized reserve of Bukit Timah and the world-renowned Night Safari at the Singapore Zoo.

Increasingly thought of as a holiday destination in itself, Singapore is an ideal introduction to the kaleidoscopic cultures of Southeast Asia and a wonderful place to spend a few days or so, exploring the exciting blend of excellent food, shopping and diverse, hospitable people.

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