It feels like you have already been here before you set foot off the plane. American popular culture has infiltrated the world, and through movies, sneakers, and rock ‘n roll we all arrive prepared with a camera-full of images and expectations.

The funny thing is that the cliches are mostly true, from yellow cabs, to confident, energetic people, to skyscrapers and foot long hot dogs.

It goes without saying that the USA is very, very large, and with this size comes an incredible amount of diversity. You can fly from tropical Florida to snowy Alaska in a few hours, or go from rush hour in New York City to the endless expanses of the Great Plains in under a day. In fact, it’s more useful to think of the USA as a number of different places joined under the same flag.

Amidst all this diversity though there are a couple of universal truths. Everything is “bigger”, food is abundant and transport is cheap, and there is plenty to do regardless of when or where you go. It’s a big country with a big personality. Enjoy.

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