Historical Stone Town: The oldest part of Zanzibar is Stone Town, a world Heritage site, comprising of ancient buildings made out of clay, corral stone and lime. It is a fine blend of Arabic, African and Indian past. The Stone town was built by Arab and Indian merchants in coral stone in the early 1800s. It is characterized by the dilapidated architecture, mosques, bathhouse, old fort, interior courtyards, markets and the remnants of the Omani Arab and Persian ages. The most popular attractions here are Sultan’s palace and the ruins of the old slave market. Zanzibar tours to the Stone Town are interesting cultural experiences.

Sub-tropical beaches: Zanzibar’s beaches are celebrated for their magnificent white sand and warm azure waters. The islands are bordered by coral reefs full of marine like. This combined with excellent visibility makes the Island one of the most popular destinations for scuba diving and snorkelling. Some of the most involving experiences to most Zanzibar travellers are the Zanzibar beach holidays.

Marine wildlife: For those looking for sharks, Zanzibar is fantasy, as the coral reefs offer numerous spots for many species including reef sharks, tiger and lemon sharks, white sharks hammerheads and the elusive whale shark. To see marine wildlife in its natural habitat, consisting of coral reefs and vibrant, bright fish you may want to participate in some snorkelling or even book into a diving trip to see even more of the magnificently colourful underwater world. There is also chance to observe dolphins and turtles.

Zanzibar Cultural Festival: This cultural festival is held between July and August every year and is marked with taarab traditional music and dance and display of arts and crafts. It also includes street carnivals, canoe races, bull fighting and fairs. The festival participants come from far and near countries including Germany and China.

Paje Holiday Village: Lying on the south eastern coast of Zanzibar between the villages of Jambiani and Bwejuu is Paje, one of the most pristine and desolated tropical beaches on the Zanzibar Island. It boasts amazing stretches of gorgeous white sand beach perfect for honeymoon in Zanzibar.

Nungwi Beach: This is nestled on the northernmost peninsula of Zanzibar Island. It is a small area north of Zanzibar only an hour’s drive from Stone Town. It is traditionally the centre of Zanzibar’s dhow-constructing industry. It offers a serene spot to relax from on holiday to Zanzibar.

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