Fiji enjoys an extremely pleasant tropical climate, typical of the South Seas.

Typhoons and storms of varying degrees of severity hit the islands annually from Dec-Apr. It isn’t the best time to visit. Rainfall is high at this time of year, and heavy showers occur every afternoon. Temperatures are continually in the 30s.

Immediately following the rainy season is the high season for tourism. From around May to October the climate is cooler and drier, although you can still expect the occasional storm or cloudburst of rain. However, quite often these are welcome and provide a spectacular backdrop for the islands’ lush natural scenery.

The cool winter begins in July and lasts through to September with temperatures hovering around the 20°C. From October the temperatures begin to rise again to the comfortable mid 20s.


Average Weather Guide:

Temperature in Degrees Centigrade

Tempsuva Weather

Rainfall in Millimetres

rainsuva Weather

The tables above are intended as guidelines only.

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