Hungary has a temperate, continental climate. The summer months from May through August are generally warm to hot with temperatures reaching a daily average of 22°C in July. These are the most popular months to visit the country. Early summer and late spring, from April through the beginning of June, are the wettest months to visit and you can expect rain showers at this time of year.

Spring and autumn are short seasons when the weather can become unsettled and changeable. During the winter months, from November through February you can expect fog and snow. Temperatures often fall far below 0°C in January, which is the coldest month but this can be one of the best times to visit with snowfall enhancing the already beautiful landscape.


Average Weather Guide:

Temperature in Degrees Centigrade

tempBudapest HighlightstempDebrecen Highlights

Rainfall in Millimetres

rainBudapest HighlightsrainDebrecen Highlights

The tables above are intended as guidelines only.

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