The climate varies from region to region in Morocco. While the coast enjoys a Mediterranean climate of warm summers, the inland regions are characterised by being hotter and drier throughout the summer – more akin to a continental interior climate.

Highland areas enjoy a cooler climate although even in winter in Marrakech you can expect an average temperature above 21°C. The wettest season occurs Nov-Mar although most rainfall is confined to the coast.

Visiting in the height of summer can be very hot. The most comfortable time to visit would be in the Spring – Mar-Apr  and Autumn – Sep and Oct.


Average Weather Guide:

Temperature in Degrees Centigrade

Tempcasablanca WeatherTempfes WeatherTempmarrakech WeatherTemprabat Weather

Rainfall in Millimetres

Raincasablanca WeatherRainfes WeatherRainmarrakech WeatherRainrabat Weather


The tables above are intended as guidelines only.

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