Peru’s climate varies greatly according to season and terrain. While the coast enjoys the baking temperatures of the tropics through summer it is also slave to the whims of the El Nino current which flows up the West coast of the continent.

As altitude increases, temperatures drop. High in the Andes the diurnal temperature range is huge, with hot temperatures under the tropical sun through the day, while the mercury drops well below zero at night. Although there is nominally at least a wet and dry season, in practice there is little variation through the seasons.

The high Andes are in permanent snow, and inhospitable to human habitation, although the ancient town of Macchu Pichu as well as modern centres like Cusco demonstrate that it is possible to live even at these altitudes.


Average Weather Guide:

Temperature in Degrees Centigrade

TempArequipa WeatherTempCuzco WeatherTempIquitos WeatherTemplima Weather

Rainfall in Millimetres

Rainarequipa WeatherrainCuzco WeatherRainiquitos WeatherRainlima Weather

The tables above are intended as guidelines only.

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